FAQs for Participants

Who can enter?

Primary school level – 12 years old and under
Secondary school level – 13 to 18 years old
You can work as an individual or as part of a team up to three.
All projects are welcome, from beginner to advanced, in any programming language and using whatever hardware you have available as long as they fit into the project categories.
Coolest Projects Malaysia is open to projects of all skill levels and all parts of the world; the focus is on creativity, participation, and most of all, having fun!

Will participants receive Certificate of Participation?

Yes! As long as your project submission is complete and adhere to all our rules and regulations!

Am I eligible for PAJSK marks if I enter this competition?

This competition has received approval from the Kementerian Pendidikan Malaysia. However, due to the change in procedure and rules, the level in which PAJSK marks are awarded can only confirmed post-competition. In Coolest Projects Malaysia 2020, PAJSK marks were at peringkat kebangsaan.

Can I enter if I am not based in Malaysia?

Yes! You can enter and you stand a chance to also win the prizes that we offer, except the prizes for primary and secondary schools in Malaysia. Everything else is up for grabs! Note that if you are shortlisted, due to our timezone, the online presentation via Zoom will be set in between 9am to 6pm at GMT+8.

What can I enter?

This year, your project should fit into of the three categories: Scratch, Hardware, Games (excluding Scratch) and Web.

How many times can I enter?

Participants can enter every category once as an individual or as a team. Multiple entries per category are not allowed. 

How do I enter?

How do I add projects to the Scratch Studio?

Have your Scratch project URL in hand. Visit our Coolest Projects Malaysia Scratch Studio. Put in your Scratch project URL and click Add by URL.

How do I add a project that I have created from an offline Scratch editor (version 2.0 or 3.0) to the Scratch Studio?

You may need to convert your offline project file into the online editor. Here is how to get it done.

  1. Open the online Scratch editor. Make sure your laptop is connected to a stable internet connection.
  2. On the online Scratch editor, click File and upload your offline project file by selecting Load file from the computer.
  3. After converting your project file into the online editor, copy the URL and add it to our Coolest Projects Malaysia Scratch Studio.

Reminder, if you are using Scratch 2.0, there is a risk for your project to lose some of its code blocks during the conversion to the Scratch online editor. Therefore, we highly recommend you to use Scratch 3.0 editor. Do visit Scratch official website to download the Scratch 3.0 offline editor.

Could I get a mentor to guide my projects?

Yes. Please fill in the following form by 12 September 2021 to be assigned a mentor. Mentors are subject to availability and we may not be able to find a mentor for every team.

Can I join without a mentor?

Yes. Mentorship is optional!

When is the deadline?

Your project must be submitted via our form by 31 October 2021. Shortlisting begins immediately afterwards and we will reach out if you’re shortlisted.

What language can I use?

Projects should be submitted in English or Bahasa Malaysia. 

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